Reserve a Book

If your card is expired you will need to update your information with the library staff. 

To reserve an item online you will need your library card number and a 4 digit pin. To receive a pin you will need to contact the library at 423-775-8406

Navigate to the online card catalog from the home screen. Screenshot (40)_LI

Log into your account with you library card number and password (4 digit pin). 
bookbaglogin.jpg          Screenshot (30)

                         On this screen you can see the items you have checked out, any reserves and if you owe any fines. Navigate to the                             home screen to find a simple search screen in the catalog. You can search by author, title or subject. 

Screenshot (42)_LI

After you locate the item you can add it straight to the bookbag (clicking the green check) or you can click on the title
for more information and then you can add to the bookbag or reserve or request it. If you are going to reserve or request
several items, then we recommend adding all the titles into the bookbag and submitting one list.
This way your titles will all be on one email that the staff will receive. 



To view your bookbag, click on the temporary bookbag in top right of screen. From here you will see the list of items you've
              placed in the bookbag. Check all the items you would like to reserve or request for pickup. On the right side is a reserve                             items selected button. After you click that your requests will be sent to the staff. Any items on the shelf will be pulled for                  you and we will call you when they are ready for pickup. Any item that isn't available we will reserve for you . 

To empty your bookbag just click the select all button and then the remove selected items button. 

We hope this helps you find and request items during this time of limited services.
Any questions, please call 423-775-8406 to speak to a staff member. 

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