Friends of the Library

Who are Friends of the Clyde W. Roddy Public Library?
Friends of the Library is an association that understands that a community with a first rate library is a better place to live. In cooperation with the Library staff and Board, we work to make the Clyde W. Roddy Public Library a vital and essential place that helps to educate our children, provide resources for individuals and businesses, and meet the growing informational needs of our community.

Friends help this HAPPEN!

 What do Friends of the Library do?

  • Enrich the Library resources and special programs through direct financial assistance.
    By raising funds for the Library, Friends is able to purchase special items and fund extra services not afforded by the budget.
  • Support the Library in developing Library services and facilities for the community.
    Friends cooperates with Library personnel to sponsor and/or assist with displays, speakers, book fairs, programs, etc.
  • Assist the Library in creating public interest and support for the Library.
    Friends supports special media campaigns to inform the public about Library related programs and resources. Additionally, support could also be from private gifts of money, books, furniture, bequests, and endowments.

Why does the Library need Friends?
In progressive communities, the public library is one of the main cultural and informational centers of the community. The ideas and voices of individuals are needed to support and promote one of our community’s great assets.

The Friends of the Library meets quarterly at the Clyde W. Roddy Public Library. 
Next meeting: November 3 @ 5:30

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Phone: 423.775.8406

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