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  We know everyone is busy with their lives. We wanted to offer somewhere you could go to find something fun to do or maybe read   something you didn't know.  Every month we will be adding extra links and information here for you , your friends and your family   to enjoy. Because sometimes we all need A Little Extra.

classic games
 November 20-26 is National Game & Puzzle Week. Take some time to introduce your children to a favorite childhood
game or grab your significant other for a fun night in. To read more about  National Game & Puzzles Week and
find a few more ideas check out the link to National Today


Need something a little extra to entertain family and friends on Thanksgiving Day? May we suggest you
download Thanksgiving Parade Bingo cards. You could offer a small prize to the winners or let them be one of the
two people needed for the traditional breaking of the wishbone. 

                                                                                                                                                             Cheerful-Retro-Santa-Picture-thm-GraphicsFairy - Copy
 The Legend of St. Nicholas: The Real Santa Claus 
 History.com has a great web page to learn all about how St. Nicholas evolved into Santa Claus. 


Make Cut-Out Snowflakes Day --- December 27
Fun for all ages! Grab paper and scissors to make snowflakes. 
Need ideas and templates? Check out The Spruce Crafts , Martha Stewart  or Easy Peasy and Fun for inspiration and templates. 

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